The journal shall be covered by the Zero Tolerance policy on Plagiarism. The article or research paper of the author must be original ideas. The core work shall include abstract with keywords, introduction, objective, hypothesis, research methodology, analysis and interpretation, summary and observations, conclusions, recommendations and references.

If in case plagiarism, the authors shall be responsible for any actions under the purview of the copyrights, laws or rules of the states. In the light of this, the authors are requested to provide the proper attribution and acknowledgement of the sources. Each and every research work must be submitted along with the plagiarism free certificate.

In case of plagiarizism, the research work shall be considered under the following classes:

a) Similarities 10%: The author shall be redirected to review the work and resubmit with plagiarism free with certificate.

b) More than 10% The author shall be asked to withdraw the manuscript for the publication.

Note: Any claim on the plagiarism shall be the subject to the court of law and the author shall be responsible for the claim subject by the court of law as claimed in accordance to the copyright norm. Thus, one must follow the citation policy.